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Strategy 3 - What Is Gap Optimization

Updated: Mar 5

Do you ever feel anxious when you see the market going up and down? Worried that your orders might get stuck and that you're helpless in such situations? It's completely normal to have those feelings, and we're here to assure you that you don't have to worry anymore.

We all want to ensure the safety of our trades and funds, right? Well, guess what? With MyITS, you can say goodbye to getting stuck in those unpredictable market fluctuations. We have an incredible solution that allows you to sell and make profits even during downturns.

Gap Optimization

To make things efficient, MyITS came up with an approach that enables the system to allocate a portion of the profits earned as insurance, mitigating the risk of losses due to market fluctuations. This innovative solution is known as the MyITS "Gap Optimization" trading strategy.

What is Gap Optimization?

The "Gap Optimization" is one of the key highlights of MyITS. It leverages a powerful fund allocation strategy that allows the system to unlock a portion of the profits earned and adjust the position accordingly. This eliminates the concerns of users regarding potential losses caused by market fluctuations.

As shown in the video above, when the market experiences a continuous decline, the "Gap Optimization" can unlock a portion of the profits earned from previous trades to cover up for the stuck orders. This not only allows for more flexible utilization of your funds but also adjusts the range of your grid in real-time according to the current price. This means that your grid will automatically move downwards (in case of market downturns).

Gap Optimization

Trade freely without worrying about market downturns and potential financial losses. With this strategy from MyITS, the system does not continuously enter positions during market declines, reducing the risk of losses. It enables you to use your funds more flexibly, without the need to wait for market recovery. Through the "Fund management" strategy known as Gap Optimization, you can buy at low prices and sell at high prices, maximizing your profits. Embrace a worry-free trading experience with MyITS.


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