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Strategy 2 - What Is Gap Pulling

Updated: Mar 5

I bet when the market crashes unexpectedly, you're left wondering what to do, right? It can be really nerve-wracking when the system keeps buying without warning or pausing, potentially leading to losses. But guess what? MyITS has got you covered with their amazing solution called Gap Pulling! This feature is designed to give you more control and help you make informed decisions during market crashes.

Gap pulling

What is Gap Pulling ?

To address the challenges that users face in trading, MyITS has developed an exclusive strategy called "Gap Pulling," which is also one of the key features of MyITS. It leverages big data-derived statistics and market monitoring to detect sudden market downturns in advance. It promptly suspends the intelligent trading strategy by pausing buying operations when such a situation arises. Once the market stabilizes, it resumes trading to assist users in controlling risks, optimizing capital utilization, and maximizing their profits.


Risk Control:

The Gap Pulling strategy, using advanced data analysis and monitoring the market, can detect sudden market downturns before they happen. By quickly stopping buying, it helps users manage risks and avoid trading during significant market declines.

Maximizating Profits:

The Gap Pulling strategy can resume trading once the market stabilizes, allowing users to make the most of their funds for trading. By pausing buying, users can avoid purchasing expensive digital assets when the market is unstable, which helps maximize their profits.

Market Insights:

The Gap Pulling strategy leverages big data and market monitoring technology to provide statistics and analysis on market trends. This insight enables users to better understand market dynamics and trends, making more smarter trading decisions.

Automated Execution:

The Gap Pulling strategy can automatically pause and resume trading based on pre-set conditions. This reduces the need for manual intervention and makes the trading process more efficient.

Gap Pulling

So, no more feeling helpless. With Gap Pulling, take charge and protect your investments when faced with those wild market swings.


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