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How To Deposit Fund To MyITS Account

Updated: Mar 19

This tutorial will guide you on how to deposit your MyITS asset wallet for purchasing MyITS service packages.


Process of Deposit :

Step 01

Before depositing, confirm the price of the package you wish to purchase. Click here: to learn about MyITS service packages

Step 02

1)Login to your MyITS account,

2)click on "Asset",

3)select either "Deposit" or "Deposit Now."

Step 03

1)On the deposit page, click on "Click here to address".

2)Click on "Copy Address" below the QR code to copy the wallet address.

***Note: Please read the deposit regulations carefully before transferring funds.

Step 04

1)Go to your cryptocurrency exchange platform's spot wallet to make a ut withdrawal.

2)Ensure that you're using the "main network" as Tron (TRC20).

3)Paste the copied MyITS wallet address into the "Withdraw" address field.

4)After confirming the accuracy of the transfer amount and information, click on "Withdraw".

5)After completing the transaction and undergoing the exchange's security verification, check the "Asset" section in MyITS to confirm the "Asset Balance."

***Note: Different exchanges may have varying transaction fees. Please refer to the transfer regulations of the respective exchange. For example, if you're depositing 100 ut, Binance may deduct 1 ut as a transaction fee during the transfer process. Therefore, your transferred funds should be an additional 1 ut, totaling 101 ut.

Step 05

Once the deposit is completed, you can proceed to purchase MyITS service packages in the "Community". Click here: to learn how to purchase MyITS packages


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