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How To Purchase Island Seminar Tickets?

Updated: Mar 19

MyITS organizes 3 Days 2 Nights Malaysia Island Seminars in April, June, and August.

To join, users can either top up a daily service fee of 500ut for a free single-person island ticket or purchase tickets through their MyITS account.


Process of Purchase:

Step 01

1)Log in to your MyITS account. 2)Click on "Program" on the homepage. 3)Click on “Join now” on Malaysia Island Seminar Trip.

Step 02

1)Click on “Paid Ticket”, and buy with 90ut /Ticket. 2)Please confirm that your MyITS wallet has sufficient balance. If not, click on "Deposit Now" to top up. Click here: Learn How to Deposit Fund to MyITS Account Attention: There are two ways to purchase tickets, (1) top up 500ut Gas Fee in one day or (2) through the ticket purchase mode. Please confirm your ticket purchase method before proceeding.

Step 03

1)After completing Top-Up, the page will show your MyITS wallet balance. Choose the number of tickets you want to purchase. **No limit on the number of purchases. 2)After confirming the number of tickets, select “I agree to deduct the amount from my MyITS asset.” 3)Click “Checkout-90ut”. 4)The page will display that you have successfully purchased the island ticket.

Step 04

1)Back to “Program”, and you can view the tickets you have purchased in “Redemption”.

2)Details of ticket redemption will be announced separately. Stay tuned!


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