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How to use MyITS for Free?

Updated: 5 days ago

Welcome to MyITS! Interested in earning continuous automated trading profits through MyITS? Simply follow these straightforward steps to exponentially increase your earnings!


Step 01:Prepare Adequate Funds

Ensure you have a minimum of 1,000ut trading capital in your exchange spot wallet.

**To learn how to purchase USDT, please refer to the purchasing guide provided by the exchange.

Step 02: Earn 50 VSDT for Free

New users can receive a complimentary 50 VSDT bonus upon their initial exchange API binding with MyITS. Once the new user activates the robot, MyITS will utilize VSDT until the user has earned 50ut for free.

Step 03: Setup Autopilot Feature

Setup “Autopilot” and allow the system to automatically screen high-potential currencies for fully automated trading.

Step 04: Purchase Profit Capacity After Earning 50ut for Free

Next, users can use the earned 50ut to top-up the gas fee, exchanging 50ut for 150 VSDT, equivalent to 3x profit capacity.

Step 05: Continuously Earn Profits

Lastly, users can purchase Level 1 packages (100ut) after earning profits. In addition to enjoying up to 4x profit capacity, users will qualify for referral rewards by inviting new users.

MyITS New User Strategy Chart


Topup Gas Fee (ut)

Value of Income Capacity (ut)

Free Trial


Rank X



Rank 1



By following the simple steps above and using profits to top up, users can use MyITS for free to earn income.


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