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How To Manage Delisted Coins In MyITS

Updated: Mar 5

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In the world of cryptocurrency trading, delisting of coins on exchange platforms can occur due to various factors. When faced with such a situation, MyITS provides users with two options to manage their delisted coins effectively. In this article, we will explore the manual liquidation and platform migration options available in MyITS, along with their implications and considerations.

Option 1: Manual Liquidation and Compensation:

MyITS offers a manual liquidation feature for delisted coins, wherein adjustments are made to mitigate potential losses. When the system detects losses during the adjustment process, it provides compensation in the form of ITSV (Intelligent Trading Solution Voucher) to users. This compensation helps to offset the impact of losses incurred due to delisting.

Option 2: Deactivating Robots and Platform Migration:

Alternatively, users have the choice to deactivate their robots and move their delisted coins to another platform. It is important to note that in this case, no compensation will be given for any losses resulting from the delisting. Users should carefully consider the potential risks and benefits associated with this option before making a decision.

Considerations and Factors to Keep in Mind:

1. Risk Management: Users should assess the potential risks associated with delisted coins and evaluate their risk tolerance before choosing a course of action.

2. Compensation vs. Migration: Users should weigh the advantages of receiving ITSV compensation against the option of migrating their coins to another platform.

3. Platform Selection: When opting for platform migration, it is crucial to select a reliable and reputable exchange platform that supports the specific delisted coins.

4. Timing and Market Conditions: Users should consider the timing of the delisting announcement and evaluate the market conditions before deciding on manual liquidation or migration.

Delisting of coins on exchange platforms can pose challenges for cryptocurrency traders. In MyITS, users are provided with options to effectively manage their delisted coins through manual liquidation and platform migration. By understanding the implications and considering the associated factors, users can make informed decisions to mitigate potential losses and optimize their trading strategies. Always stay informed, evaluate the available options, and choose the approach that aligns best with your investment goals and risk appetite.


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