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Setup Binance Sub-Account API

To allow your bot to interact with Binance, you will need to create an API Key. This key acts as a connection between MyITS and the exchange, enabling your bot to perform tasks such as placing automated orders and accessing your balance for its calculations.

Essentially, the API Key serves as a way for your bot to communicate with the exchange and execute the actions necessary for automated trading.


Step 01: Navigate to Your Profile

  • Visit the homepage.

  • Tap the 'Binance' icon in the top-left.

  • Select your profile.

Step 02: Create a Sub-Account

  • Go to "Sub-Accounts."

  • Choose "Create Sub-Account."

Step 03:

  • Go to "Account Management."

  • Choose "API Management."

Step 04: Create an API

  • Go to "Create API."

  • Choose "System Generated."

  • Click "Next" to continue.

Step 05:

  • Select your "Sub-Accounts."

  • Enter a name for this API.

  • Click on "Next."

  • Click on "Modify" to edit.

Step 06:

  • If using you are using same phone, you can print-screen the Binance API QR Code to your album.

  • Log in to "MyITS API Scanner."

  • Selected album and choose the QR Code to scan it

  • The purpose of scanning the QR code is to assist you in auto-filling the API key only.


  • Click "Enter API details Manually"

  • Copy & Paste the API key & Secret Key Manually.

Step 07:

  • Scroll down and click on "Rest"

  • Copy the IP address from MyITS.

  • Paste it into the 'Trusted IP Access' field on the Binance API, and click “Confirm”.

  • Check the box for "Enable Spot & Margin Trading."

  • Return to MyITS, and click on "Bind Now."

Step 08:

  • Go back to Binance.

  • Scroll up and click "Save" to finish.


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