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Strategy 1 - What Is Trailing Grid

Updated: Mar 5


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Trailing Grid is a grid trading strategy that aims to profit from market price fluctuations by buying low and selling high. The strategy is based on the volatility of prices and involves placing buy and sell orders as prices move up and down, creating a grid-like trading network, and this is why it is the best feature in MyITS.

Trailing grid

The biggest challenge with most strategies is their fixed grid range, which restricts the flexible use of users' funds to profit from and resolve stuck positions. This often results in losses for users.

Top 5 reasons why Trailing Grid is the Best Feature in MyITS

1. Maximizes Profit Potential: Trailing Grid allows traders to capture maximum profit potential by automatically adjusting the grid levels as the market moves. This feature ensures that traders can ride the trend and optimize their profits.

2. Adaptive and Dynamic: Trailing Grid is adaptive and dynamic, meaning it adjusts grid levels based on market conditions and price movements. This flexibility allows traders to adapt to changing market trends and optimize their trading strategies accordingly.

3. Risk Management: Trailing Grid incorporates risk management principles by setting stop-loss levels and controlling the exposure to potential losses. This feature helps traders minimize risk and protect their capital while maximizing profit potential.

4. Hands-Free Trading: With Trailing Grid, traders can automate their trading strategies, reducing the need for constant monitoring and manual intervention. This hands-free approach allows traders to save time and effort while still taking advantage of market opportunities.

5. Customization and Control: MyITS's Trailing Grid feature provides traders with customization options, allowing them to tailor the grid levels, step size, and other parameters according to their trading preferences. This level of control empowers traders to personalize their strategies and optimize their trading experience.

Overall, Trailing Grid in MyITS offers a comprehensive solution that combines adaptability, risk management, automation, and customization to enhance traders' profitability and trading efficiency.

trailing grid gif

I bet you have alot of questions to how it may work. To mitigate the risk to users' funds, MyITS has introduced two exclusive strategies that comes along with Grid Trailing: Gap Optimization and Gap Pulling. The combination of these strategies is what makes the best feature in MyITS possible. It enables users to generate passive income and allows the grid to move dynamically.

Gap Optimization:

Users often worry when the market continues to decline, while the system keeps opening positions, trapping their funds and requiring them to wait for the market to stabilise. The Gap Optimization strategy is a key feature of MyITS that allows various fund allocation strategies, the system unlocks a portion of the profits earned to resolve stuck positions. This eliminates concerns about losses caused by market fluctuations.

Gap Pulling:

Another important strategy of MyITS is Gap Pulling. By utilising statistical analysis and real-time market monitoring, the system detects sudden market downturns in advance. It promptly suspends intelligent trading strategies, halting further buying, and resumes trading once the market stabilises. This proactive approach effectively manages risks, optimises capital utilisation, maximises profits, and forms the foundation of MyITS's innovative Trailing Grid strategy.


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