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MyITS is excited to introduce the Evergreen Plan, designed to empower individuals aged 45-65 to proactively prepare for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement. With the Evergreen Plan, you can look forward to a fulfilling and leisurely senior lifestyle, ensuring peace of mind for your golden years. Join us in securing a brighter, more relaxed future today!

Planning for retirement?

Starting your retirement plan early is the key to a prosperous future. By beginning young, you give yourself more time to accumulate wealth and take advantage of investment opportunities that can yield greater financial growth. The earlier you start, the more secure and rewarding your retirement will be.

When planning for retirement, it is essential to consider the various expenses you will incur. These may include healthcare costs, daily living expenses, leisure activities, travel, and potential long-term care. Properly accounting for these expenses will help ensure a comfortable and stress-free retirement.

Daily Expenses

Medical Care


Other Expenses


Can Your Retirement Plan Guarantee a Steady Monthly Income?


David diligently saves a portion of his salary every month, and after 40 years of consistent accumulation, he has saved a total of 


Monthly expenses: $2,000

Gradually deplete savings by withdrawing monthly expenses.

Withdrawal period:
< 20 YEARS


Great decision by Linda to sign up for the Evergreen Plan with just $4000, enabling her to generate passive income. 


Monthly expenses: $2,000

Continuing with the plan will ensure her ongoing passive income returns.


Withdrawal period:

> 20 YEARS !


Why EverGreen Plan ?

Unlike other retirement plans or insurance options, MyITS's EverGreen Plan maximizes growth through stable intelligent trading returns and compound profits, ensuring your retirement fund grows efficiently and effectively.



The profit calculations provided in this article are for reference purposes only. Actual results may vary due to market fluctuations. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Compound Interest Culcutator:


Evergreen Plan Features


Impressive earnings

With our intelligent trading strategy, every profit is compounded over a 5-year period, potentially resulting in an estimated return of up to 11 times.


Low Fees

Despite with the standard 20% fee, EverGreen offers a remarkably low daily fee of just 2ut, making it incredibly accessible to start building your retirement fund!


Flexible Plan


Start your EverGreen plan with just 4,000ut. Users have the option to top up their capital by 500ut every 6 months, with a maximum total principal of 10,500ut over 5 years.


Double Protection


To enhance user protection, in the event that the applicant becomes disabled due to an accident and is unable to work during the plan, MyITS will waive subsequent fees for the EverGreen Plan, ensuring the user's future financial security.

EverGreen Plan Details

EverGreen I
for age group of 45-55

Initial fund:

Max capital 10,500
(Every 6 months +500u)

Total Gas Fee: 7,200u
Payment by instalments:
1st YEAR - 1,200u
2nd YEAR - 1,500u
3rd YEAR - 1,500u
4th YEAR - 1,500u
5th YEAR - 1,500u

EverGreen II
for age group of 55-65

Initial fund:

Max capital 8,500
(Every 6 months +500u)

Total Gas Fee: 3,600u
Payment by instalments:
1st YEAR - 400u
2nd YEAR - 800u
3rd YEAR - 800u
4th YEAR - 800u
5th YEAR - 800u


Target Audience

This plan is suitable for MyITS users aged between 45 and 65 years old.

Applicant MyITS Account Requirements:

  • Minimum rank of Rank 1

  • Trading capital exceeding 1,000 UT

  • Account operation with > 4 trading strategies


Application Process

Applicant MUST be the MyITS account owner and need to submit Identity verification, such as ID card/passport information for approval

Funds allocated for the EverGreen Plan must be deposited and utilized within the "sub-account" of the applicant on the designated trading platform.


Automated trading operations are facilitated through the API of the "sub-account." Gas fees are settled directly from the MyITS wallet.


Plan Duration

Enjoy EverGreen with a 5-year installment plan for gas fees.

Users have the option to pay the annual gas fees through their MyITS asset wallet.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Throughout the 5-year validity period of the EverGreen Plan, failure to maintain adequate fee coverage will result in forfeiture of the plan. MyITS will automatically suspend operations of the retirement plan account in such instances.

  2. The EverGreen Plan operates on a compound trading model. During the plan's validity period, users are prohibited from withdrawing funds or profits from their exchange accounts. Any withdrawal activity detected by the system will result in the forfeiture of the plan. MyITS will promptly suspend operations of the plan in such circumstances.

  3. The EverGreen Plan starts with an initial investment of 4,000 UT / 6,000 UT. Users have the option to top up by up to 500 UT every 6 months. The total principal over 5 years has a maximum limit for each group. If the invested funds exceed the plan limit, the surplus will remain unused for trading planning.

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