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MyITS Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all of your doubts!

  • Referral & Registration
    Q: How can I share referral link? A: Navigate to your profile page, tap on the "QR Referral" button, and copy the link to share with your friends. Q: How can I create my own account using a referral link? A: Click on the referral link provided by your friend, which will redirect you to the MyITS app to set up your account effortlessly. Q: What if I receive preset credentials instead of a referral link? A: Log in to the MyITS app with the provided username and password, and upon first login, you'll be prompted to complete your account setup. Q: What should I do if I don't have a referral link? A: You can directly access the sign-up page or get assistance from a friend to guide you through the registration process.
  • API & Exchange Guide
    Q: What are the prerequisites before binding an API key? A: Ensure you have an account on your preferred exchange and have completed KYC verification for security purposes. Q: How can I create a new API key on my exchange platform? A: Access the API settings within your exchange account, create a new API key with necessary permissions, and disable withdrawal permissions to prevent unauthorized access. Q: What steps should I follow on the MyITS app after generating the API key on my exchange? A: Navigate to the "API" section, paste the API key and secret into the provided fields, and save the API settings to complete the integration process. Q: What benefits does API integration offer? A: API integration provides centralized fund management, enhanced security, access to advanced features, and permission control for trading activities. Q: What should I do before initiating the spot robot on MyITS? A: Ensure you have sufficient funds deposited in your exchange's spot wallet, meeting the minimum requirements outlined above, to start the robot successfully. Q: What are the minimum deposit requirements for each exchange? A: The minimum deposit requirements vary by exchange, check here. Q: Why is it important to disable certain features like Binance Simple Earn during API integration? A: Disabling such features prevents conflicts with automated trading strategies, ensuring smooth operation. Q: What is the role of API keys in trading? A: API keys facilitate secure communication between MyITS and your exchange, enabling access to trading data and execution of transactions. Q: How can I manage API keys securely? A: Always back up critical data, review and manage API keys periodically, authenticate users securely, and avoid exposing keys in untrusted environments. Q: Can I bind multiple exchange accounts to MyITS? A: Yes, you can connect multiple exchange accounts to MyITS using their respective API keys, allowing for diversified trading strategies. Q: Can I revoke or delete API keys from MyITS? A: Yes, you can revoke or delete API keys from MyITS at any time by navigating to the API settings. Introduction to API How to bind API keys? Invalid API keys How to turn 50 VSDT to USDT? Delete API keys
  • Wallet limit
    Q: What is the purpose of setting up a wallet limit in MyITS? A: Setting up a wallet limit ensures that your trading bots have access to the necessary funds for executing trades effectively. Q: How do I set up my wallet limit in MyITS? A: Navigate to the Bots section, understand your wallet limit, and adjust it accordingly to match the amount in your spot exchange wallet. Q: What happens if my exchange account funds fall below the set wallet limit? A: If your exchange account funds fall below the set wallet limit, MyITS bots will cease functioning until the funds are replenished. Q: What is the maximum amount I can set as my wallet limit? A: You have the flexibility to adjust your wallet limit up to the same amount as your spot exchange wallet.
  • Autopilot
    Q: What is the benefit of selecting 'Autopilot' as trading preference in MyITS? A: Choosing 'Autopilot' streamlines decision-making, saves time through automation. Q: What is the difference between autopilot modes in MyITS? A: Autopilot mode without compound profits executes trades automatically, while autopilot mode with compound profits reinvests generated profits to potentially amplify returns over time. Q: Why should I adjust my wallet limit when using autopilot mode in MyITS? A: Adjusting your wallet limit optimizes your autopilot trading experience by determining the number of bot units available for investment.
  • General
    Q: How do I access the demo to experience virtual trading? A: Simply click on the "Live Test" option within the app to enter the demo environment with 10,000 virtual funds for real market trading. Q: What are the benefits of using the demo? A: The demo allows you to try various trading strategies risk-free and familiarize yourself with MyITS's trading features before using real funds. Q: How do I register for a MyITS account? A: Starting your MyITS journey is simple! Just scan the QR code or visit to create your account hassle-free. Q: Can I reset my password? A: Certainly! To reset your password, navigate to your <Profile Setting> and select <login password> to initiate the password reset process. Q: Can I change my email address, User ID, or username? A: No, please be aware that these details cannot be modified once set during the registration process. Q: Can I have multiple MyITS accounts? A: Yes you can, but we don’t encourage it as you can bind several exchanges to your account. Q: How secure is MyITS for beginners, and what security features are in place? A: You can bind your account and ensure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security. Step by Step Guide Introduction to 2FA How to reset Two - FA?
  • General Questions
    Q: What is Hybots?A: Hybots is a trading strategy that uses the majority of your capital for Gridbots (spot trading), while a small portion is allocated for future trading, aiming for higher returns. Q: What's the allocation for spot and future trading? A: When you activate Hybots, 90% of your capital goes to spot trading, and 10% is reserved for future trading, enabling two-way profit. Q: Can I increase the future trading allocation? A: Yes, you can increase the contract allocation from the initial 10% to 50%, unlocking a 2:1 ratio for futures trading profit. Q: How can I boost the future trading allocation? A: Visit the MyITS homepage, navigate to <Transaction>, and click on <Futures> to purchase extension tickets. Three options are available. Learn more. Q: Is the API binding for contract accounts permanent? A: No, API binding for futures accounts expires after 90 days and must be renewed within that period.
  • GridBots
    How do I activate MyITS bots? How are service fees calculated in MyITS? How is the fund allocation done in MyITS? How does the robot handle sudden downtrends in MyITS? What happens if coins are delisted on the MyITS platform?
  • HyBots
    1. What is Hybots? - Learn about Hybots, our innovative trading strategy that optimizes profits by managing assets in both spot and futures markets. See more. 2. How to Activate Hybots? - Discover the simple steps to activate Hybots and start maximizing your trading potential. See more. 3. How to Purchase Ticket-Based Packages? - Find out how to access packages that supercharge your future trading journey. See more. 4. How Can I Check My Profit? - Explore the options for tracking your profits and monitoring your trading success with Hybots. See more. 5. Checklist for APIs - Get guidance on setting up your API connections for seamless future trading. See more.
  • Smart ITS
    What is Smart ITS?
  • Simple Earn
    What is Simple Earn?
  • Wallet
    Income Capacity - Potential earnings that can be generated through MyITS. ITSV - Voucher provided by MyITS as a form of compensation when losses occur during adjustments. VSDT - Free reward from MyITS when you bind API.
  • Deposit & Withdrawal Guides
    How to Top Up Package? How to deposit funds? How to withdraw funds?
  • Vouchers
    Q: What is VSDT and its purpose within the MyITS platform? A: VSDT serves as the voucher used within MyITS to facilitate trading activities, allowing users to explore the platform's features and profit potential. Q: Can VSDT be exchanged or withdrawn as traditional currency? A: No, VSDT is exclusively used within the MyITS platform and cannot be exchanged or withdrawn as traditional currency. Q: When does MyITS provide ITSV vouchers? A: ITSV vouchers are provided by MyITS in the event of losses during adjustments to compensate users.
  • Smart Trading, Incredible Adventures
    Earn & Travel How to register Terms & Conditions
  • Referral & Affiliates
    What is Referral & Affiliates?
  • Emptybot x MyITS
    Q. What is EmptyBots? A. EmptyBots is a platform for trading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and participating in various NFT-related activities. Q. How does the collaboration with EmptyBots benefit MyITS users? A. The collaboration enhances your trading capabilities by allowing you to expand your wallet size for future trading to a remarkable 1:1 ratio with the purchase of EmptyBots NFTs. Q. Can I participate in the collaboration without prior knowledge of NFTs or cryptocurrency? A. Yes, you can! We provide resources and guidance to help users understand NFTs and how to benefit from the collaboration. Q. How do I purchase EmptyBots NFTs and bind them to my MyITS account? A. We provide a step-by-step guide to help you through the process, making it user-friendly for all participants. Click here for more. Q. Is there a minimum requirement for participating in the collaboration? A. We welcome participants of all levels, whether you're new to cryptocurrency or an experienced trader. No minimum requirements are needed to join this collaboration. Q. Can I unbind an NFT from my MyITS account? A. Yes, you can unbind an NFT from your MyITS account at any time. The process is simple, and any associated funds are returned to your account. Q. What are the terms and conditions for the collaboration? A. Detailed terms and conditions will be available on our collaboration webpage. Make sure to review them before participating. Q. How long will the collaboration with EmptyBots last? A. The collaboration is ongoing, allowing you to benefit from the enhanced trading capabilities for the foreseeable future.
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