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Junior Growth Plan

MyITS has introduced an education savings plan to assist users in securing a bright future for their children under 12 years of age or older, making their educational dreams a reality.

Have you taken steps to secure your child's future?

Every parent dreams of giving their children the best life offers. The best approach is to start planning for their promising future. MyITS Junior Growth Plan returns are significant and may help you well prepare an education fund for your loved one. Make a wise decision for your child's future today!


Is your plan keeping up with inflation?

When saving for your child's education, you'll notice that with rising inflation, education costs have more than doubled compared to 10 years ago. Is simply saving enough to cover these increasing costs?


Why Junior Growth Plan?

Diverging from traditional education insurance or savings plans, the MyITS Education Plan employs a stable and intelligent strategy, complemented by compounding trades. This approach facilitates more efficient growth for parents' investments.



The profit calculations provided in this article are for reference only, and the final results may vary due to market fluctuations.

Compound Interest Culcutator:

Junior Growth Plan Features


Impressive earnings

MyITS's Junior Growth Plan applies a compounding strategy to achieve efficient returns. Tailored for users seeking to establish an education fund for their children, this 5-year plan offers an estimated return of up to 1,000%.


Low Fees

For regular users, the trading fee amounts to 20% of the profit. In contrast, the Junior Growth Plan incurs a gas fee of only 2 UT per day, simplifying the commencement of an education fund for your child's future!


Flexible Plan


The Junior Growth Plan commences with an initial investment of 4,000 UT. Users have the option to augment this amount by a maximum of 500 UT every 6 months. The total principal over the 5-year duration, capped at a maximum limit, is 8,500 UT.


Double Protection


To ensure the best interests of children, MyITS provides comprehensive protection during the plan period. In the unfortunate event of the applicant (parent) passing away, MyITS will waive subsequent fees and additionally offer an extra 5 years of free trading to secure the child's future.

Junior Growth Plan Details


Target Audience

This plan is designed for children under 12 years of age or older, with the applicant (parent) required to be an active user of MyITS..

Applicant (Parent) MyITS Account Requirements:

  • Minimum rank of Rank 1

  • Trading capital exceeding 1,000 UT

  • Account operation with > 4 trading strategies



Applicants (parents) need to provide identity verification, guardian/child proof, and prepare the required trading funds and fees for the application.

Funds allocated for the Junior Growth Plan must be deposited and utilized within the "sub-account" of the applicant (parent) on the designated trading platform.

Automated trading operations are facilitated through the API of the "sub-account." Gas fees are settled directly from the MyITS wallet.



The plan spans a total duration of 5 years, with a maximum investment limit of 8,500 UT.

The cumulative fee for the Junior Growth Plan over the course of 5 years amounts to 3,600 UT, payable in installments:

  • Year 1: 400 ut

  • Year 2: 800 ut

  • Year 3: 800 ut

  • Year 4: 800 ut

  • Year 5: 800 ut


Terms & Conditions

  1. Throughout the 5-year validity period of the Junior Growth Plan, failure to maintain adequate fee coverage will result in forfeiture of the plan. MyITS will automatically suspend operations of the education plan account in such instances.

  2. The Junior Growth Plan operates on a compound trading model. Throughout the plan's validity period, users are restricted from withdrawing funds or profits from their exchange accounts. Any withdrawal activity detected by the system will result in the forfeiture of the plan. MyITS will promptly suspend operations of the education plan in such circumstances.

  3. The Junior Growth Plan starts with 4,000 UT. Users can add up to 500 UT every 6 months. The total principal over 5 years has a maximum limit of 8,500 UT. If the invested funds exceed the plan limit, the surplus will remain unused, and only a maximum of 8,500 UT will be allocated for trading.

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