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Go Travel

How To Redeem?

Qualify by satisfying 2 easy conditions before September 30th.

*No Registration Fee Required*

MyITS Personal account qualify

Personal Account

From 1 April to 30 September,

accumulating Gas Fee top-ups of >2,500ut or higher.

Group Fund:

Personal & Team 

Combined total exchange UT funds from both your account and direct referred friends must equal at least >30,000ut.

MyITS Group Account qualify
Korea Seoul trip with MyITS

Term & Conditions

  1. The Korea Trip is rewarded for single participation only.

  2. Email notifications will be sent to qualified MyITS users after September 30th.

  3. Trip is strictly for the account owner only, it is non-transferable.

  4. If users cannot participate within the given timeframe, the qualification will be forfeited, and no replacement.

  5. MyITS covers all meals, hotel, and land transfer expenses, the user shall bear the cost of air ticket and tips.

  6. For those who have participated in the 'Smart Travel, Incredible Adventures' campaign under the same account and simultaneously fulfill the criteria for the 'GoTravel' promotion, the eligibility of the former will prevail.

  7. Only one qualification per account is permitted, with no duplications, to uphold fairness in competition.

  8. MyITS reserves all rights for modification of itinerary, terms & condition.

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