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How To Earn 50ut for Free As A Beginner

Through just 5 simple steps, you can enjoy MyITS's first 50ut profits. Experience MyITS's service strategies without paying any charges right away!


5 simple steps to earn your first 50ut profit:

Step 01- Create MyITS Account

You can create your personal MyITS account through two methods:

Step 02 - Connect to API Exchange

After registration, you'll need to complete the connection to the exchange's API by creating an API key, enabling the bot's access to automated orders, wallet balance, and other services.

Upon successfully linking to the exchange's API for the first time, You can earn $50 profit for free! Experience it now without any fees!

Get $50 profit on your first binding

Step 03 - Sufficient funds in the spot wallet

Ensure your exchange's spot wallet has sufficient funds; if not, please proceed to the exchange to make a purchase.

**For instructions on purchasing UT, please refer to the buying guide provided by the exchange.

Step 04 - Activate Robot Trading

Step 05 - Await daily profits.

Once you've activated robot trading, simply navigate to "picks" on MyITS to monitor the performance of the robot-traded currencies. Sit back, relax, and await daily profits.


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