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How To Unbind Your API

Updated: Mar 5

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If you wish to unbind an API and transfer it to another exchange or stop using the current one, follow the steps below. Each exchange may have different interfaces and procedures for unbinding API keys, so it is essential to consult their documentation or contact customer support for detailed instructions. Before proceeding, please note the precautions and steps involved in the unbinding process.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Login to Your Exchange Account: First, access your exchange account using your login credentials.

  2. Navigate to API Settings or Security Page: Locate the API settings or a relevant security page within your account.

  3. Find the API Binding Section: Look for the section where your API keys are associated or bound.

  4. Locate Your MyITS API Key: Identify the API key that is linked to MyITS.

  5. Choose to Unbind or Delete the API Key: Select the option to unbind or delete the API key that you wish to remove.

  6. Confirm the Unbinding Process: You may be required to enter security verification information related to your exchange account to confirm the unbinding process.

  7. Successful Unbinding: After confirmation, the API binding will be successfully removed.

Here's a visual representation of Binance:

Important Precautions:

  1. Data Backup: Before unbinding any API, ensure that you have backed up crucial data, such as trade records, API keys, and related settings. This ensures continued access to necessary data even after unbinding.

  2. Understand the Impact: Unbinding an API may result in the inability to use certain applications or services for trading and operations. Before proceeding, understand how these applications or services will be affected and ensure you have alternative trading or operational methods.

  3. Account Security: Unbinding an API involves your exchange account's security. Make sure your exchange account login credentials (e.g., password, 2FA codes) are secure before proceeding and follow the exchange's security recommendations to protect your account.

  4. Notify Relevant Parties: If you plan to transfer the API to another exchange or change your trading approach after unbinding, it is crucial to notify relevant applications, service providers, or other involved parties. This ensures they are aware of your intentions and can provide appropriate support or guidance.

  5. Regular API Review and Management: Regardless of unbinding or continuing to use APIs, regular review and management of your API keys are essential. Periodically check and disable any unused API keys, maintaining only necessary API connections and ensuring the security of your exchange account.

Before proceeding to unbind an API, it is essential to understand its implications and consequences fully. Take appropriate security measures to safeguard your account and data throughout the unbinding process. Regularly reviewing and managing your API keys contributes to the overall security and efficiency of your trading experience.


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