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How To Activate Gridbot For Spot Trading

MyITS chooses spot trading primarily because it allows for immediate delivery and payment upon trade execution. This means that trades are completed instantly without waiting for future settlement dates.

Before activating the bot, please ensure that:


The process of set up Gridbot

Step 01

1)Log in to your MyITS account.

2)Click on "Robot" on the homepage.

3)Click on the connected exchange.

**If not yet binded, click here: How to link exchanges using API keys.

Step 02

1)Click the "Edit" icon on the “Robot”page,

2)  Input the desired amount for the "Starting Capital" and "Wallet Limit". Setting these limits ensures that the robot only uses the specified funds rather than all available capital.

**For example: If your exchange account has assets of $10,000 and you allocate $3,000 to MyITS for the robot's quantification, MyITS will not access the remaining $7,000 in your account."

Step 03

Select the pair you wish to enable for automated trading.

Step 04

1)After selecting the pair, click on the "Confirm" button at the bottom right.

2)Then, click "Confirm" again to successfully activate the trading bot.

Step 05

Click on the icon labeled "Picks" under the section to check the performance of your robot's trading anytime and wait for profits.


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