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How To Buy A Gas Fee Package

Updated: Mar 5

Please ensure that you have deposited funds into your MyITS asset wallet before purchasing MyITS service packages. Click here: How to deposit funds into MyITS wallet


Step 01

1)Log in to your MyITS account,

2)Click on “Community” on the homepage,

3)Enter your password for security verification.

Step 02

1)Click on “Node Team“,

2)select your main account.

Step 03

1)Select your desired MyITS package under the "Packages" option. Click here: Learn about MyITS packages

2)Once confirmed, click on "Top Up" to complete the package top-up.

Step 04

1)After a successful top-up, return to the MyITS homepage.

2)Click on "Revenue".

3)   On the "Income Capacity" page, you can view the "Trading Profit" and "Referral Rewards" capacity of your purchased MyITS service package.

Step 05

Once you've successfully purchased the package, proceed to activate the trading robot and await profits! Click here: Learn how to activate a trading robot


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