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How To Set Up Autopilot

To enhance user experience, MyITS offers three distinct trading modes, allowing users to tailor their preferences for more flexible management of trading decisions. 

The introduction of the "Autopilot" mode simplifies currency selection uncertainty by randomly choosing high-potential currencies for automated mirror trading, aiding users in generating profits.


Three Trading Preference Settings

Users can choose and configure their trading preferences based on the following options:


Automated mirror trades with the most profitable portfolio

2)Autopilot with Compound

Automated mirror trading with profits compound setting


Hands-on control over your trades, where you make individual trading decisions.

Step 01

  1. Log in to the MyITS homepage.

  2. Click on "Robots".

  3. Select the Exchange where you've linked the API.

Step 02

  1. Ensure initial capital amount & wallet limit are set up. Setting these limits ensures that the robot only uses the specified funds rather than all available exchange capital.

  2. Go to "Set Trading Preference" to personalize preferences.

  3. Select desired preference (Autopilot, Autopilot with Compound, or Manual).

Click "Confirm Activation" to complete setup.

Important Notes:

  1. Once you activate your trading preferences, they cannot be changed. Contact customer service if assistance needed.

  2. The currently running trading robots will continue until manually closed by you. After closing, the remaining balance will be allocated as an automatic trading fund.

  3. Upon activating automated trading, the system will allocate the available balance as the automatic trading fund.

Once Autopilot settings are completed

[Left Image] -After selecting your trading preferences, you won't be able to switch to other options.

[Right Image]-The screen will distinguish between trading modes using lightning and light bulb icons. The lightning icon represents "Autopilot", while the light bulb icon represents "Manual".

In the trading overview page for "Autopilot" or "Autopilot with Compound," there is no need to manually set any pre-stop or closing strategies. The system will automatically screen high-potential currencies for trading.

Unlock the automated trading mode now and let the system automatically screen high-potential currencies for mirror trading on your behalf!


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