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How to Create Binance Sub-Account & Funding

What is a sub-account?

Sub-accounts allow you to trade through multiple accounts. You can use them to divide responsibilities and manage transactions. Sub-accounts let users create multiple accounts to trade with API through email and virtual emails. It is suitable for individual users with advanced trading knowledge or a trading team, who may benefit from having multiple accounts to test and execute various trading strategies with, as well as users who may wish to separate their assets across different accounts for risk management purposes.


Step 01:

If you haven't signed up for a Binance account yet, visit Binance's website to register.

Step 02: Access Your Profile

  1. Go to the homepage.

  2. Click on the "Binance Logo" icon at the top left corner.

  3. Click on your user profile.

Step 03: Create a Sub Account

  1. Click on "Sub Accounts".

  2. Click on "Create Sub Account".

Step 04:

  1. You can create a sub-account with a regular email address, virtual email address, or through a third-party custodian.

  2. We will suggest create a sub-account with a virtual email address.

  3. Select [Create with virtual email] and enter the name of your sub-account. A virtual email address using the name you’ve entered will be created.

  4. Then click [Create Sub Account].

  5. Binance sub-account created.


How to Transfer Funds to Binance Sub Account?

Step 05: Transfer funds

  1. Click on "Account Management".

  2. Select "Asset Management".

Step 06: Complete the Transfer

  1. Click on "Transfer".

  2. In the "Transfer From" field, choose your main account email.

  3. In the "Transfer To" field, choose the sub-account email.

  4. In the Coin column, select "USDT".

  5. Fill in the "Amount" that you want to transfer.

  6. Click on "Confirm" to complete the transfer.

Step 07:

  1. A pop-up message "Success" will appear on the screen.

  2. Press the "OK" button to finish the process.

Once you have opened and funded your sub-account, you can click here to view how to bind the sub-account API.


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