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Smart Trading, Incredible Adventures!

Smart Trading, Incredible Adventures!

The MyITS Smart Travel Package is a 5-year plan designed not only to grow your funds steadily but also to offer the compounded benefits of reinvestment. By simply completing monthly reinvestments, you will earn annual international travel rewards from MyITS! Experience global cuisine and scenery while securing your investments. Join MyITS and make every investment enjoyable and rewarding!


Qualification Details:

  1. Monthly Top up in exchange: 200 USDT (Bachelor Trip)/ 300 USDT (Couple Trip)

  2. Monthly qualified date: Must be completed by the 28th of each month.

  3. Total Fund in exchange spot wallet: USDT balance should not be lower than the total of monthly fixed deposit + profit reinvestment + principal.


MyITS Wallet Limit

Accumulated Gas Fee Top Up


12,000 ut

2,000 ut


24,000 ut

4,000 ut


35,000 ut

7,000 ut


60,000 ut

11,000 ut


100,000 ut

16,000 ut

Due Date:

  • Gas Fee: 31/08/24  (Batch 2 only)

  • Wallet Limit: 31/10/24

Remarks: "Accumulated Gas Fee top up" will start counting from the registration day of the travel package.


Steps to Complete After Registration:

  1. Complete the binding of the selected exchange API.

  2. Ensure the linked exchange spot account has a minimum capital of 3,000 USDT.

  3. Activate at least 5 robots.

Note: The above operations must be completed within two weeks after registration. Failure to do so will be considered an automatic forfeiture.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. The registration fee for the package is non-refundable once submitted.

  2. Each participant is limited to purchasing one package (any one).

  3. Commit to a 60-month term for reinvestment based on the selected package.

  4. This event only accepts USDT for MyITS Smart Trading Strategy.

  5. The company reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not meet reinvestment criteria during the period.

  6. MyITS retains all rights to make changes to agreements, terms, and activities.


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