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How To Redeem Island Seminar Tickets?

Updated: Mar 19

The Island Seminar Trip ticket redemption available!

Go into your MyITS account and register now! Due to seating limitations, please confirm your availability and redeem your tickets as soon as possible. Don't miss out on this exciting trip!


The process of Redeem Island Seminar Ticket:

Step 01

1)Log in to your MyITS account.

2)Click on "Program" on the homepage.

3)Click on “Redemption” on Malaysia Island Seminar Trip.

**If you haven't received the complimentary ticket from MyITS, you can proceed to "Join Now" to purchase.

Step 02

1)Redeem the tickets you have by selecting the number of tickets you wish to redeem.

2)Click on "Proceed".

Step 03

1)Please fill out your personal information and the personal details of any friends you may be bringing.

2)Once the accuracy of the information has been verified, click on "Submit."

Take note:

There are just two slots available for departures from the Jetty, please plan to arrive early.

Step 04

1)You have successfully registered for the seminar trip, as indicated by the screen! 

**You will receive an email with the event details, please make sure you check your inbox.


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