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What Is Smart ITS

In the fast-paced world of crypto trading, it's not uncommon for investors to find themselves holding onto idle stocks that are below market price. These coins may seem stuck, leaving investors unable to sell without incurring losses, yet also holding onto unrealized profits. That's where MyITS' innovative feature, Smart ITS, comes to the rescue.

Smart ITS is a specialized function designed to help users salvage and leverage idle stocks that are experiencing losses on exchange platforms. By utilizing Smart ITS, users have the opportunity to use a portion of their profits earned through MyITS trading to recover idle stocks, providing a more diversified and flexible approach. This feature allows users to minimize losses effectively while facing unfavorable market conditions.

When faced with losses on specific coins, users can choose to employ Smart ITS for potential arbitrage opportunities or decide whether to utilize this solution to balance their losses and gains based on their individual risk preferences. It empowers users to make rational decisions and manage their portfolios more efficiently.

Here's a step by step guide on what you should do if you have idle stocks:

Step 1: Head over to "robots" and click on Smart ITS, once you're in click "Create".

Step 2: Select the coin you want to recover and the exchange it is in. Step 3: Write down how many units you want to recover and the buying price of the coin.

Step 4: Once you have fill everything in, click "+", check your information and click "yes"

Step 5: Click confirm when you're sure and that's all!

The advantages of Smart ITS lie in its intelligent and comprehensive trading solutions, enabling users to better manage risks and optimize their trading outcomes. With the help of Smart ITS, users gain more confidence in navigating market fluctuations and take appropriate measures to protect and enhance the value of their assets. Overall, Smart ITS grants users more choices and decision-making power to adapt to the ever-changing and complex trading landscape.

Smart ITS is a game-changing feature that sets MyITS apart, providing users with a powerful tool to navigate the crypto market with greater ease and confidence. With Smart ITS at their disposal, users can unlock new possibilities to recover idle stocks and make the most of their trading opportunities, putting them one step closer to financial success and achieving their investment goals.


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