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Step-by-Step Guide for MyITS First Time User

Step 01: Create Your MyITS Account

You can sign up for a free MyITS account through the registration link or the referral link. After completing the registration, you can freely experience our account for practical testing, with 10,000 virtual funds to activate the trading robot. The data in the demo account and the real account are completely synchronized, allowing you to experience until you are satisfied.

Step 02: Bind Spots API (Future Trading Coming Soon)

Automate your trades by binding MyITS API to your preferred exchange. MyITS automates trading without accessing your funds, ensuring they remain safe in your exchange account. Register and complete KYC for a secure trading environment.  

Step 03: Activate Trading Pairs

Deposit the required minimum amount to your preferred exchange & initiate automated gridbot trading.

Back to MyITS, navigate to the robot section in the bottom navbar, check the wallet limit, and proceed to open positions for your preferred coins. Let MyITS handle the rest to automate your trades and maximize

Step 04: Refer a Friend and Earn Together

Share MyITS success with friends through referral and earn attractive rewards together!


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